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Jonas Bonér

Specialist at Large.
Public Speaker.
Powder Skier.
Obsessive Learner.
Jazz Addict.
Wannabee Musician.

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I’m founder and CTO of Lightbend, building a platform for microservices and Fast Data on the JVM—implementing the principles of the reactive manifesto, a manifesto that I initiated and co-authored.

In 2011 I became a java champion and in 2012 I was voted as the number one developer in Sweden. See my Interviews and Resumé pages for more info.

Code & Talks

I’m a long time contributor to the Open Source community; most notably created the Akka actor-based runtime and the AspectWerkz AOP compiler. See my GitHub page for some of my recent projects.

On the Talks page you can find a list with video recordings from my talks throughout the years. Some of the slides can be found on speakerdeck and slideshare.