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Here is a list with some of the more recent books, articles, and white papers I’ve written.


  • O’Reilly—Reactive Microsystems: The Evolution of Microservices at Scale
  • O’Reilly—Reactive Microservices Architecture: Design Principles for Distributed Systems

White Papers

Selected Articles

  • Datanami——Climbing the Ladder of Abstraction
  • IT Brief—Climbing the Ladder of Abstraction
  • VMBlog—2023: Climbing the ladder of abstractions to make cloud native solutions useable
  •—When Cloud and Edge are the same thing
  • Edge IR—Building a data plane: extending real-time data and computing to the edge
  • Kalix—Kalix: Move to the Cloud. Extend to the Edge. Go Beyond.
  • Edge IR—Serverless plus stateful: a new programming model comes to edge computing
  • Lightbend—Reflecting on 10 Years of Lightbend…and Looking to the Future
  • Lightbend—Stateful Cloud Native Applications—Why Reactive Matters
  • InfoQ—In a Serverless World, We Still Need State
  • The New Stack—Serverless Needs a Bolder, Stateful Vision
  • Lightbend—How To Build Stateful, Cloud-Native Services With Akka And Kubernetes
  • InfoQ—Stateful Service Design Considerations for the Kubernetes Stack
  • The New Stack—Akka Java Middleware: What Goes Inside the Containers Counts
  • InfoQ—Events Are Reshaping the Future of Distributed Systems
  • O’Reilly—Transforming Enterprise Integration With Reactive Streams
  • DZone—Why Developers Should Bet Big on Streaming
  • O’Reilly—The Evolution of Scalable Microservices
  • O’Reilly—Reactive programming vs. Reactive systems
  • Lightbend—As Data-Centric Applications Go Streaming, IBM and Lightbend Team Up
  • InfoQ—From Microliths to Microsystems
  • Link—bla bla microservices bla bla
  • The New Stack—How Reactive Programming Addresses the Scale-out Problem

Forewords To Books

  • Link—Reactive Application Development
  • Link—Reactive Design Patterns
  • Link—Functional And Reactive Domain Modeling
  • Link—Reactive Messaging Patterns With The Actor Model
  • Link—Developing Reactive Microservices
  • Link—Programming Scala