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Jonas Bonér

Public Speaker.
Powder Skier.
Perpetual Learner.
Jazz Fanatic.
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Jonas Bonér

I am:

  • A pragmatic who is passionate about technology, learning new things, and helping others to work better and more effectively.
  • An entrepreneur, tech visionary, programmer, mentor, speaker, and writer.
  • CEO and Founder of Lightbend (previously known as Typesafe). Previously worked at Terracotta and the JRockit JVM at BEA Systems.
  • An active contributor to the Open Source community; most notably I created the Akka reactive distributed systems platform, the AspectWerkz compiler and runtime for Aspect-Oriented Programming, and have been part of the Eclipse AspectJ team.
  • Initiator and co-author of the Reactive Manifesto–which helped start the Reactive movement in the software industry.
  • Author of the Reactive Principles–defining the foundational architectural principles for cloud native application development.


  • Technical Leadership & Strategy,
  • Team Building & Coaching,
  • Open Source Strategy, Business Models & Community Building
  • Distributed Systems, Serverless, Microservices,
  • Reactive Systems & Programming,
  • Message-Driven & Event-Driven Architecture
  • Resilience, Scalability, High-Availability,
  • Concurrent & Functional Programming
  • Domain-Driven Design, Object-Oriented & Aspect-Oriented Programming

Work Experience

2021—now: CEO and Founder of Lightbend Inc. (US)

2011—2021: CTO and Founder of Lightbend Inc. (US)

Lightbend (formerly known as Typesafe) is building a platform for event-driven reactive cloud-native and edge-native applications, consisting of:

  • Akka — Actor-based Event-driven Reactive Cloud-to-Edge Platform
  • Kalix — Cloud-to-Edge High-Performance Developer PaaS for Event-Driven Backend Systems

2021-2021: Chair of the Technical Oversight Committe (TOC) at the Reactive Foundation

2020—2021: Chair of the Board at the Reactive Foundation

2008—2011: Founder and CEO of Scalable Solutions AB (Sweden)

Acquired by Lightbend Inc. in 2011.

  • The company that created Akka
  • Provided products, support, training, and consulting for Akka

2008—2009: Co-Founder and CTO of Triental AB (Sweden)

  • Developed a finance product suite targeted for private banking and wealth management using Scala and Java EE.

2005—2008: Senior Software Engineer at Terracotta Inc. (US)

  • Worked on Terracotta JVM-level clustering technology, including runtime bytecode manipulation, AOP technologies, high performant multi-threaded code, integration with various Open Source frameworks etc.
  • Team Lead, Programmer and Technical Evangelist
  • Open Source strategy. Community building and marketing. Strategic due diligence.

2003—2005: Senior Software Engineer at BEA Systems (Sweden)

  • Worked in the JRockit JVM team on research, design, architecture and development in the fields of AOP, runtime tools and JVM support for AOP, as well as performed technology evangelism (public speaking, writing articles and papers etc.).

2002—2003: System Architect at Sony NetServices (Austria)

  • Worked as a system architect at Sony designing and developing system ranging from large-scale enterprise application systems to digital TV and mobile technologies.

2000—2002: Consultant at Consafe Infotech (Sweden)

  • Worked as a JEE consultant, implemented various enterprise application systems using state-of-the-art techniques and technologies.

Selected Open Source Software Projects


  • Creator of the Akka project.
  • Akka is a platform/middleware/toolkit for building Event-driven and Reactive systems on the JVM, with APIs in Java and Scala. It is based on the Actor Model and helps the user to build high-performance, distributed, and concurrent systems that are loosely coupled, responsive, elastic, and highly resilient.


  • Creator of the AspectWerkz project.
  • AspectWerkz is a high-performant, dynamic, lightweight, and powerful Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) compiler and runtime for Java, which utilizes bytecode manipulation to instrument classes at build-time, class load time, or runtime (JIT).


  • Member of the AspectJ team at Eclipse.
  • AspectJ is an AOP compiler and runtime for Java (can be used either through a language extension to Java or through plain Java).
  • It became the defacto standard for AOP in Java after merging with AspectWerkz in 2005.

Other Projects

Some more projects can be found on my personal GitHub page and on Lightbend's GitHub page.


Among the 4 top influencers in the Java industry

In 2015 I was recognized as the 4th top social influencer in the Java industry.

Sweden's Best Developer 2012

In 2012 I was voted as the Number One Developer in Sweden.
Link to article (in Swedish).

Java Champion 2011

In 2011 I became a Java Champion.
Link to article.

Sweden's Second Best Developer 2010

In 2010 I was voted as the second best developer in Sweden. Link to article (in Swedish).

Who Is Who In Enterprise Java 2004?

In 2004 I was voted in as part of The Middleware Company’s list of the 52 most influential leading experts in the Java enterprise community.

Public Speaking

A complete list of all my public conference talks, including links to some recordings, can be found on my talks page. Some slides can be found on my Slideshare page.

Formal Education

  • B.Sc. in Computer Science, Mid Sweden University, 2000.
  • Various courses in Mathematics at the University of Stockholm, 1996.


Available upon request. Some endorsements can be found on my LinkedIn page.