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Here is a list of links to various interviews done with me throughout the years.


  • Edge IR—Lightbend: bridging the cloud and edge application development gap
  • TRIF—Platform Engineering Is A Big Investment; You Need To Make Sure If You Really Need It
  • DM Radio Show—The Great Migration? Now Showing!


  • VMBlog—VMblog 2022 Mega Series, Lightbend Explores Kalix
  • VMBlog—Jonas Bonér of Lightbend Discusses Its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Developer Platform
  • TRIF—Distributed State In Serverless Is Going Mainstream


  • VMBlog—3 Predictions for Serverless Computing and Development in 2022
  • Serverless Chats—Abstracting Stateful Serverless with Jonas Bonér
  • Happy Path Programming—Databases are Insufficient, with Jonas Bonér
  • JAX Enter—Interview with Jonas Bonér: Akka Serverless is really the first of its kind
  • InfoQ—Lightbend Announces Akka Serverless Open Beta
  • VM Blog—VMblog Expert Interview with Jonas Bonér of Lightbend Talking Akka Serverless and More
  • Tech Target—Lightbend launches new Akka Cloud Platform on AWS


  • The New Stack—Lightbend’s Jonas Bonér on How to Minimize Cloud Native Complexity
  • ADT Mag—Jonas Bonér and the Reactive Manifesto II
  • The New Stack Podcast—Lightbend’s Cloudstate Builds on Akka to Offer Stateful Serverless
  • Spring Podcast—Lightbend CTO Jonas Bonér on his epic, aspect-oriented, distributed, reactive work
  • Reactive Foundation—Introducing The Reactive Principles: A Conversation with Jonas Bonér
  • The New Stack—Cloudstate Is Lightbend’s Attempt to Define Serverless 2.0
  • InfoWorld—What comes after Kubernetes?



  • InfoQ—Interviewed on Stateful Service Design Considerations for the Kubernetes Stack
  • Programming Throwdown Podcast—Episode 82: Reactive programming and the Actor model with Jonas Bonér
  • The New Stack—Akka Java Middleware: What Goes Inside the Containers Counts
  • J On The Beach—Interviewed after my talk on Designing Events-first Microservices
  • DZone—CodeTalk: Cloud Native and Streaming Data Trends Ahead for Jakarta EE
  • Otia—Jonas Bonér, CTO of Lightbend on Skiing and Jazz
  • DZone—How Java EE Can Get Its Groove Back


  • Elixir Fountain Podcast—Episode 075: Visiting the Actor’s Studio with Jonas Bonér
  • DZone—Where Do I Start With Event-Driven Architecture?
  • IBM developerWorks—How (and Why) Reactive microservices are mainstreaming with enterprise developers
  • VMblog—VMblog’s Expert Interviews: Lightbend Talks Java, Fast Data/Streaming, Microservices and More
  • ACM Queue—Hootsuite: In Pursuit of Reactive Systems
  • InfoQ Podcast—Jonas Bonér on the Actor Model, Akka, Reactive Programming, Microservices and Distributed Systems
  • Lightbend Podcast—Reactive Programming vs Reactive Systems, Explained.


  • Functional Geekery Podcast—Interviewed on Scala, the Actor Model, Akka, Reactive Programming, Microservices, Distributed Systems, and more.
  • O’Reilly—O’Reilly Radar Podcast: Making Microservices More Reactive
  • InfoQ—Lagom, a New Microservices Framework
  • TechRepublic—Why microservices are about to have their “cloud” moment
  • VMblog—VMblog’s Expert Interviews: Lightbend CTO Talks Microservices and Explains New Lagom Framework
  • O’Reilly—Defining a Reactive Microservice
  • Voxxed—Typesafe Reborn as ‘Lightbend’, Debuts with Reactive Java Framework
  • ADT MAG—Typesafe (Now Lightbend) Unveils Java Platform for Microservices
  • ADT MAG—2016 Dev Predictions: Mainstream Microservices, Reactive Streams and Containers-as-a-Service


  • Lightbend Blog—How Akka Actors Help Build Microservices with Jonas Bonér
  • DZone—The DZone Guide to 2015 Edition to the Java Ecosystem
  • Voxxed—Jonas Boner: Why the World Needs to Go Reactive
  • DZone—First Look at Akka Streams: A Powerful Library for Composable Data Streams
  • JAX Enter—“Open source makes all of this possible”–Akka creator Jonas Bonér
  • The Morning Paper—Desert Island Papers: Jonas Bonér
  • The New Stack—Typesafe’s Jonas Bonér: How Reactive Programming Addresses the Scale-out Problem


  • Wired—Top Trends in Tech for 2015
  • InfoQ—Typesafe survey: Java 8 Adoption Strong, Users Anxious for Java 9
  • ReadWriteWeb—Developers Are Adopting Java 8 In Droves. Thank lambdas!
  • InfoQ—Jonas Bonér on Reactive Systems Anti-Patterns
  • ReadWriteWeb—As Systems Get More Complex, Programming Is Getting “Reactive”. A new way to develop for the cloud.
  • ADT Mag—Open Source Akka JVM Toolkit for Concurrency and Scalability Turns 5
  • ReadWriteWeb—How One Developer Set Out To Make The Internet Of Things Manageable
  • SD Times—A functional programming crash course for Java developers
  • CodeMotion Roma—Interview on Open Source community, Akka, Reactive Systems etc.
  • JAX Enter—Typesafe CTO: The Reactive future on the JVM is very bright
  • EclipseCon—Speaker Interview with Jonas Bonér




  • InfoQ—Jonas Bonér and Kresten Krab Thorup on Bringing Erlang’s Fault Tolerance and Distribution to Java with Akka and Erjang
  • Electronic Design—Akka: an open source, event-driven middleware project
  • InfoQ—Jonas Bonér on Akka, Actors and Shared State, STM, Typesafe
  • Sofware Engineering Radio Podcast—Episode 178: Akka With Jonas Bonér
  • InfoQ—Akka 1.1 Released, Brings Many Improvements to Futures and Performance, Reduces Dependencies
  • DZone—Talking about Akka, Scala and life with Jonas Bonér
  • InfoQ—Akka Reaches 1.0 Status: Brings the Actor Model to Java and Scala


  • Basement Coders Podcast—Episode 16: Scala and Akka an Interview with Jonas Bonér
  • InfoQ—Akka: Simpler Scalability, Fault-Tolerance, Concurrency & Remoting through Actors
  • Artima—Writing Concurrent, Scalable, Fault-Tolerant Systems with Akka 1.0. A Conversation with Jonas Bonér