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The AspectWerkz project is since a a month ago sponsored by BEA Systems. Both Alexandre and I, the founders and primary contributors to AspectWerkz, are full time BEA employees. I work with the JRockit engineering team in Stockholm, and our primary objective is to make AspectWerkz the leading AOP framework for dynamic AOP, and to ensure that the JRockit JVM is far and away the best Java platform for AOP.

We are, of course, working on a number of interesting future directions tight to the in tight coordination with the rest of the BEA products line, but the near term goals are to build deep and unprecedented support for AOP, including real-time run-time weaving into JRockit Java Virtual Machine, and to make AspectWerkz on top of JRockit the number one choice for dynamic AOP in enterprise application environments.

AspectWerkz still is and will remain open source software, licensed under LGPL and will continue being platform and vendor independent.