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I just got back from a small JUG roadshow in Serbia. I did two 2 1/2 hours talk in two days, the first one in Novi Sad and the second one in Belgrade. Both talks were well attended, ~100 attendees per session. Serbia seems to be a thriving Java community and there was a lot of interest in both Terracotta for Spring/Spring Web Flow as well as in using Terracotta DSO as a generic distributed computing platform. During these two days I met a lot of interesting and warm hearted people, and was met with great hospitality throughout the trip. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to see much of the country, but I got a Serbia Travel Guide book as a gift so I guess I have to come back some time (and bring the family). Finally I had a really good time (and interesting discussions) going out to lunch with Aleks Seovic, the Spring.NET lead (currently living in Belgrade), talking about Terracotta vs. Tangosol, Java vs. .NET, including more important things than geeky matters. All in all, a great trip.