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Jonas Bonér

Specialist at Large.
Public Speaker.
Powder Skier.
Obsessive Learner.
Jazz Addict.
Wannabee Musician.

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2005 has been a good year, both personally and professionally.

Here is a summary of some of the highlights (in chronological order):

  • Family trip to Vietnam for 6 weeks. Amazing and beutiful country, friendly people, interesting culture, delicious food etc.

  • The merge of AspectWerkz and AspectJ is announced .

  • Sara and I skiing powder in Abisko (close to the pole circle) for 3 days – without kids! :-)

  • Family trip to California for 2 weeks.

  • Release of the support for AOP in the JRockit JVM.

  • Left BEA and joined Terracotta.

  • Jacob turned 2. Amazing little guy, that has gone from hardly speaking at all to someone talking so much that you hardly get anything said (or done), in just 4 months…

  • Our family got a US VISA (we are moving over in mid Jan 2006).

  • The release of AspectJ 5.

Here is a collage over the family highlights 2005, in chronological order.

Highlights 2005

Click on the image for a full-sized view.