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Jonas Bonér

Public Speaker.
Powder Skier.
Perpetual Learner.
Jazz Fanatic.
Wannabee Musician.

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Articles & Books

Here is a list with some of the more recent books, articles, and white papers I’ve written.

Short books

  • O’Reilly—Reactive Microsystems: The Evolution of Microservices at Scale
  • O’Reilly—Reactive Microservices Architecture: Design Principles for Distributed Systems


  • InfoQ—Stateful Service Design Considerations for the Kubernetes Stack
  • InfoQ—Designing Events-First Microservices
  • InfoQ—Events Are Reshaping the Future of Distributed Systems
  • O’Reilly—Transforming Enterprise Integration With Reactive Streams
  • DZone—Why Developers Should Bet Big on Streaming
  • O’Reilly—The Evolution of Scalable Microservices
  • O’Reilly—Reactive programming vs. Reactive systems
  • Lightbend Tech Blog—As Data-Centric Applications Go Streaming, IBM and Lightbend Team Up
  • InfoQ—From Microliths to Microsystems
  • The Reactive Manifesto—Defining the Four Traits of Reactive Systems